Why Small Wedding Venues May Be The Way To Go

In today’s economy, deciding on a small, intimate wedding reception venues Melbourne rather than throwing an over-the-top event is not only practical; it makes a tasteful statement as well. Even better, the opportunity to be creative is much greater with small wedding venues.

To start with, the places to hold your event have suddenly grown tremendously. Think outside the box: you could celebrate your nuptials at an inn, museum, restaurant, historic home, bed and breakfast, loft, art gallery or studio. Eliminating the need for a huge space means that you have an opportunity to really showcase who you are, so use your imagination. Are you into country decor? Have your wedding on a farm. Do you love old movies? Think “Murder On the Orient Express” and get married on a train (just don’t kill anyone, please.) If you are more traditional, use a chapel. The possibilities are practically endless.

You still need to ensure that the place you choose can accommodate your total number of guests; it’s also best if you can hold both the ceremony and the reception in the same place, even they occur in separate rooms or areas. Having the entire event happen there on location is more convenient for both you and your guests, and almost guarantees a memorable occasion. Small wedding venues also enable you to get creative with the refreshments. Rather than a sit down dinner, you could have a cocktail reception or perhaps a brunch instead, depending on your budget and what time of day your venue is available for booking.

The location you decide upon will almost certainly have special meaning to you, so be sure to extend this idea to the entire event. If your wedding is on an island, perhaps the reception could have a tropical picnic theme; if you get married on a beach, maybe a tiki party would be a terrific way to celebrate afterwards. Remember that a smaller size location means fewer guests, less adornment, fewer tables and chairs and a smaller quantity of food. This means more money in the budget for making your gala really distinctive.

Whatever location and theme you choose for your small wedding, rest assured that your special day will also be extraordinary for your guests. Taking the time and having the flexibility to create an event that reflects who you are as a couple will make your wedding memorable, unique to you, and anything but a “cookie cutter” event.