Why Help Small Charities

Raise funds in response to a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis by donating to charity. Small charities are underdogs working for big undertakings. While popular and big non-profit organizations are receiving sizable consistent endowments, small charities are struggling to survive with the meager inconsistent donations from ordinary individuals. While big organizations are enjoying the privilege of getting enough support from the government and large corporations, small charities are sending letters to employers for a simple support of the cause they advocate.


Do you have a sizable wage or income every month? Do you have enough for your family? You write a check for the organization dear to your heart – and help meet the needs of the destitute. Small charities need finances to run their programs in helping others. There are several plans that must be carried out; but there are no enough funds to make them happen. And the result – only a small result can be achieved.

By donating to small charities, you are helping a spinal cord injury sufferer to walk; a mentally ill person to be supported; and the hungry to be fed. You don’t need to give a large sum, but you can give small periodic donations. It is already a big thing to donate with consistency; small charities are in need for a constant flow of finances.

Small charities need to pay the office rent, power bills, and other periodic expenses that are incurred in the process of providing the help to others. The operations of small charities are vital to the lives of several people. If one part of the finances will not be met, there are things that must be given up by the organization.


If you cannot give financial support, you can give your moral and physical support. How? It will be very great to get the most of helping by volunteering yourself. Small charities cannot give allowances to the staff because of low funds. With your volunteerism, the small charity organization can conduct their tasks and programs without worrying the staffs needed for the project.

You may go to the office of the organization and tell your intent to volunteer for the project. It will give you a blissful feeling of helping others. It is a good thing to tap others’ shoulder by helping them out. Make much of your time by helping others.


Have you supported small charities through your financial donations and volunteerism? Another way to help small charities is by advertising them organization for others to help. If you have a circle of friends, it will be great to ask them to give for the charity you love. It is a great opportunity to build a network of support for the charity.

You may also send letters to the employees of the company you are working or may be send letters to the mailboxes that you have in the list. No need to worry about the result; sooner, you will reap the impact of the advertising actions that you are making.