Training For Skiing – Are You Ready?

Because Canada has huge attractions for skiers and snowboarders I will get a Canada ski packages. Summer is coming to a close, fall is upon us and winter is just around the corner. It’s time to put away the rock climbing shoes and dust off the ski boots. Snow is already hitting the peaks and the ski bums are doing a dance for Ullr (the Norse God of Snow), praying for fluffy and deep. However, we are still a few months away from strapping skis to our feet which means it’s time to work the kinks out of the ol’ ski muscles and get in shape for your best season yet.

Some say that the best training for skiing is skiing itself, but unless you’ve been on skiing in the southern hemisphere all summer, you will have just about achieved your peak shape by the time winter comes to an end. The biggest favour you can do for yourself this ski season is to get your cardiovascular fitness tuned and your strength and power honed. Give yourself the opportunity to ski like you’ve never skied before.

Cardio workouts are going to give you the endurance to hold out for the whole day, strength workouts are going to give you the bursts of power you need to rip up the bump run or work the off-piste. Whatever you need to train, there is plenty of information to get you going on a good ski fitness program. Searching the web, talking to a personal trainer or just getting some ideas at the gym will get you off to a good start. However, the information you gather and the program you decide to follow is only good if you commit to doing it. The physical training itself may be difficult, but the mental commitment to your program is the hurdle to success.

First, find out what motivates you. Do you enjoy the gym environment? Do you prefer going outside to train? The more you force yourself to train in a place you don’t enjoy, the less likely you are to go there. Training should be fun, especially when it’s used to increase your enjoyment on the slopes. Once you decide where you want to play, try setting a few goals.

Start with small, achievable goals to set up feelings of success. Set a daily goal, today. Plan a physical activity and see it through, then set another one for tomorrow.