How many Months are in a Pregnancy

How many months are in a pregnancy? The answer is not as clear as you might think. It depends on how you count. When you are pregnant the next step would be finding for a good food for pregnancy. If…..

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Cooking Tips

Easy Ways to Improve Your Cinematography

Luis Castro | March 3, 2021

Like any artist, a good cinematographer must constantly look for ways to hone his or her craft. While it’s easy to say “practice, practice, practice,” it’s harder to find creative and pragmatic ways to expand your knowledge base, day in…..

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5 Tips for Choosing Hiking Boots

Luis Castro | March 2, 2021

Stomping through the timbers on a strenuous walking gets more exhilarating with each step. But are your feet as delighted as you? Your feet take on the mass of the service hiking adventures, so it is essential that they have…..

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Ever Thought of Having Pilates For Lunch?

Luis Castro | March 1, 2021

Anyone looking for the ideal lunchtime workout class need look no further than Pilates for maximising those few precious hours of the day to stay in shape. The great thing about kx pilates dee why workouts is the way they…..

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