How to Plan a Party: A Party Planning Timeline

The Initial Planning Phase

The Ballarto Room is a spacious area, ideal for training seminars, networking, wedding receptions, parties, engagement party venues Melbourne, corporate events and more! Before you start deciding on your catering menu and hanging up the decorations, you need to get some of the basic, boring planning out of the way. Your initial planning phase should be around six weeks before the event takes place.

First, pick an appropriate date and time for your event. The date of your event will affect other planning elements, such as the booking of your venue.

Next, it’s time to decide on the location of your party. Will you hold it at home, or at a local park or beach? Are you hiring a venue? If you decide to hire a venue, now is the time to start shopping around for the appropriate space. You need to book your venue well in advance to ensure that you get it on the day that you require it.

Once you’ve decided on a date and location, you can chalk up your guest list. The length of your guest list will determine your budget and may even affect the location of your event. You need to ensure that you can afford to cater for the number of invitees, and your venue needs to be large enough to hold everyone comfortably.

Your guest list will help you create your budget. Most caterers can provide you with a cost per head for food and alcohol, and hired venues will give you a cost for the space, hired furniture, and decorations.

Now for the fun part: interviewing caterers. Shop around for an experienced, professional local caterer.

Finally, send out your invitations. Make sure your provide your guests with an RSVP date.

One Month to Go

With four weeks to go, you need to have confirmed your venue booking and catering service hire. Now is the time to be discussing menu options with your catering service: you need to decide on the style of service, the length of service, and the types of food you provide for your guests. Now is the time to provide your caterer with the finalised guest list so that they can estimate the amount of food to order and prepare for your event. You should also provide them with a list of dietary requirements, so that they can create alternative dishes if you so require. It helps to book a tasting session with your catering service in order to experience the quality of flavour and presentation: this is also a good time to make suggestions of your own ideas, should you wish to incorporate them into the menu.

If your guests are coming from out of town, you should start researching accommodation for them. Try to find accommodation that is centrally located and close to your chosen venue.

Now is the time to start searching for entertainment, should you require it. If you’re hosting an important event such as a wedding, a milestone birthday, or a wedding anniversary, you might even consider searching for a photographer.

Decide on a theme for your party: whether it be smart and sophisticated, airy and casual, or costume-themed!

A Fortnight Away

You’re close to the date of your event, and now you can start organising the fun parts of your party! It’s time to shop for decorations and your party outfit.

If you’ve booked a venue for your event, you should start discussing decorations with the venue staff. The types of decorations will be determined by your party theme. If you’ve organised your own venue such as your home or a local park, you should start shopping around for appropriate decorations.

By this time, your guests should have RSVP-ed, and your guest list finalised.

You should have also finalised your menu with your caterer. You should provide your caterer with the final guest list. You can also decide on your beverage menu: will you be serving alcohol, mocktails, or classic non-alcoholic beverages?

Organise your outfit or costume: it helps to have your clothing prepared, particularly if you’re attending a wedding or a costume party.

Finalise all of your equipment details: have tables, chairs, marquees, tableware, and audio-visual equipment completely arranged.

The Week of the Party

Seven days to go! Time to put the last items on the agenda into place.

Pick up your decorations if you’ve hired them.

If you’ve organised your own party venue, it’s time to clean and tidy it for your guests. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes wash the windows, sweep the floors.

Get in touch with your caterer to ensure that numbers are correct, that there are no issues with the ordering of your meals, and that they have the appropriate number of staff.

Party Eve

Confirm all of your pick-up/drop-off times with your caterer, equipment hire companies, and other vendors.

Drop off any extra items, such as decorations or hired equipment, at your chosen venue.

If you’ve prepared a seating chart, make sure that your name tags are arranged.

Ensure that all of your cheques and payments to your caterer, photographer, hire companies, and venue, are arranged.

It’s Time to Party!

It’s the day of the party, and there are a few more things to arrange before you can relax and enjoy yourself.

A few hours before the set time, coordinate the set-up of your venue. During your party, you might also want to look on the service and clean-up.

Arrange your decorations with plenty of time to spare

Take some time out to relax before the party begins. Your guests don’t want to see a stressed out, highly strung host. Drink plenty of water, have a meal, and take some time out before you need to entertain.

Finally: enjoy the party!

Organising a party might seem like a daunting task, but writing yourself a checklist can help relieve some of the stress. Party planning can even be fun: so long as you follow the rules and apply some careful thought. Once all is said and done, relax, admire your own success, and give your guests a party to remember for years to come.

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