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Training For Skiing – Are You Ready?

Because Canada has huge attractions for skiers and snowboarders I will get a Canada ski packages. Summer is coming to a close, fall is upon us and winter is just around the corner. It’s time to put away the rock climbing shoes and dust off the ski boots. Snow is already hitting the peaks and the ski bums are doing a dance for Ullr (the Norse God of Snow), praying for fluffy and deep. However, we are still a few months away from strapping skis to our feet which means it’s time to work the kinks out of the ol’ ski muscles and get in shape for your best season yet.

Some say that the best training for skiing is skiing itself, but unless you’ve been on skiing in the southern hemisphere all summer, you will have just about achieved your peak shape by the time winter comes to an end. The biggest favour you can do for yourself this ski season is to get your cardiovascular fitness tuned and your strength and power honed. Give yourself the opportunity to ski like you’ve never skied before.

Cardio workouts are going to give you the endurance to hold out for the whole day, strength workouts are going to give you the bursts of power you need to rip up the bump run or work the off-piste. Whatever you need to train, there is plenty of information to get you going on a good ski fitness program. Searching the web, talking to a personal trainer or just getting some ideas at the gym will get you off to a good start. However, the information you gather and the program you decide to follow is only good if you commit to doing it. The physical training itself may be difficult, but the mental commitment to your program is the hurdle to success.

First, find out what motivates you. Do you enjoy the gym environment? Do you prefer going outside to train? The more you force yourself to train in a place you don’t enjoy, the less likely you are to go there. Training should be fun, especially when it’s used to increase your enjoyment on the slopes. Once you decide where you want to play, try setting a few goals.

Start with small, achievable goals to set up feelings of success. Set a daily goal, today. Plan a physical activity and see it through, then set another one for tomorrow.

Why Small Wedding Venues May Be The Way To Go

In today’s economy, deciding on a small, intimate wedding reception venues Melbourne rather than throwing an over-the-top event is not only practical; it makes a tasteful statement as well. Even better, the opportunity to be creative is much greater with small wedding venues.

To start with, the places to hold your event have suddenly grown tremendously. Think outside the box: you could celebrate your nuptials at an inn, museum, restaurant, historic home, bed and breakfast, loft, art gallery or studio. Eliminating the need for a huge space means that you have an opportunity to really showcase who you are, so use your imagination. Are you into country decor? Have your wedding on a farm. Do you love old movies? Think “Murder On the Orient Express” and get married on a train (just don’t kill anyone, please.) If you are more traditional, use a chapel. The possibilities are practically endless.

You still need to ensure that the place you choose can accommodate your total number of guests; it’s also best if you can hold both the ceremony and the reception in the same place, even they occur in separate rooms or areas. Having the entire event happen there on location is more convenient for both you and your guests, and almost guarantees a memorable occasion. Small wedding venues also enable you to get creative with the refreshments. Rather than a sit down dinner, you could have a cocktail reception or perhaps a brunch instead, depending on your budget and what time of day your venue is available for booking.

The location you decide upon will almost certainly have special meaning to you, so be sure to extend this idea to the entire event. If your wedding is on an island, perhaps the reception could have a tropical picnic theme; if you get married on a beach, maybe a tiki party would be a terrific way to celebrate afterwards. Remember that a smaller size location means fewer guests, less adornment, fewer tables and chairs and a smaller quantity of food. This means more money in the budget for making your gala really distinctive.

Whatever location and theme you choose for your small wedding, rest assured that your special day will also be extraordinary for your guests. Taking the time and having the flexibility to create an event that reflects who you are as a couple will make your wedding memorable, unique to you, and anything but a “cookie cutter” event.

Should I Take Pilates Mat Classes?

Dynamic Pilates manly has a fitness system developed from the exercise principles of Joseph Pilates. Are you interested in Mat Pilates classes in New York? People from all walks of life have experienced significant benefits from taking Pilates mat classes. Pilates mat training is known for being both incredibly safe and effective. It focuses on breathing properly and is built around smooth, easy motions. Tasha’s Pilates mat workouts are designed to help you strengthen, stretch and tone muscles whilst releasing tension in joints. One-to-one and group sessions are available. The sessions offer a stress-free approach to improving posture and strengthening muscles and can take place in your home or office.

Mat Pilates can also improve our mental health whilst burning fat. Whilst Pilates has grown in popularity over recent times, it has actually been around since the 1920s. It was first developed to help those injured during the first world war, helping them to keep their strength up. Takes its name from Joseph Pilates, the man who created it. In the early days, it was also used to help ballerinas recover from their injuries so they could return to dance. Its popularity was boosted remarkably in the 1990s. It is ideal for those seeking a low-impact, relaxing form of exercise that makes bodies leaner whilst strengthening and toning the muscles.

Mat Pilates is particularly popular amongst those who are recovering from injuries, but is also great for those who simply want to tone up in a way that treats the joints gently. Pilates can also improve your flexibility as well as your posture, and your body will continue to burn fat after your session has come to an end. Mat Pilates also offers significant mental benefits. The fact that you’ll be focusing on deep breathing enables you to relax and reduce stress levels during and post-class. The more sessions you take, the easier focusing your mind will become. A larger number of Pilates practicers report feeling less anxious, angry and depressed.

It is often confused with Yoga, but there are clear differences between the two. Whilst Yoga does improve body flexibility, it is also known for boosting the flexibility of joints. Pilates is more concerned with relaxing tense muscles and strengthening various body muscles. It can benefit everyone from beginners to world-class athletes and is practiced by people of all ages. You are advised to seek advice from a medical professional before you start taking Pilates classes if you are unsure about whether it is right for you, especially if you have a health condition or are suffering from an injury.

A wide range of well-known figures have spoken about their love for Pilates. A-listers including Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Hugh Grant have all spoken about the benefits of partaking in Pilates sessions. Tasha Ingram Fitness can come to your assistance if you are interested in taking Mat Pilates classes, so why not find out more about what Tasha can do for you? To learn more about Mat Pilates in New York, browse the website or contact Tasha through the site today.

The Best Places for Surfing in the USA

he Mavericks surf contest is on the clock, and things do not look promising for March, according to the forecast and latest weather models. Today, many folks visit the United States for one or the other reason. While some folks tour the USA for fun, others make a business trip. To cater to the needs of local as well as foreign tourists, various car renting companies offer their services at affordable rates.

If you are coming to the USA to do some surfing, the ideal way to get to the best surfing places is through NU car rental, they have some amazing deals. The NU car rental LAX is located at the airport of Los Angeles. Check their website if you wish to find out more about their deals. There are many different ways of traveling around Los Angeles. This city is the wealth of entertainment in the world. Also this is not only popular for its appeal to Hollywood and the world’s celebrities, but also its locations such as Disneyland, its beach, its mountains, skiing, climbing, gardens, zoos, etc.

Not sure where the best surfing places in the USA are to surf at? Read on to find out our recommendations are.

Ocean City, New Jersey.

This amazing surfing town is located on the Northeastern side of the USA. The waves here are always consistent. This is because of the jetties in the area. The waves are often very big here and the beaches are not as crowded as some of the inner city beaches. Professional surfers such as Rob Kelly and Matt Keenan have often been spotted surfing here.

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

Hampton Beach is a relatively small beach. But rest assured, it is fantastic for surfing. Here you will discover outstanding waves. Not only that, but you are also protected from the winds that come from the northeastern regions. Whilst the waves can sometimes be small, they are still ideal for anyone who enjoys surfing.

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

When you come to surf in this outstanding beach, we know that you will fall in love with the fantastic regular swells. It is these swells that create waves like no other beach. Kitty Hawk is also the location of where the famous Wright Brothers first learned how to surf successfully.

South Padre Island, Texas.

Not many people consider this area for surfing. But you will be surprised at just how much it has to offer. Everyday there are always swells that come from all directions. Whilst the waves are normally flat during the warmer seasons, they are sure to impress you during other times of the years. Come and surf here during the hurricane seasons, and we know you will find yourself wanting to come back for more.

Assateague Island, Virginia Beach.

Assateague Island is incredible screen. It is a National Park Island that sits between Maryland and Virginia. For a good surf, be sure to go to the south side of the island. You’ll have a great time catching the regular waves. You may even be lucky and have the beach all to yourself.

These are just a few of the best places for surfing in the USA. We hope we have inspired you to add these to your list of places to come to when visiting this country.

Birthday Venues – Function Rooms or Home Parties?

With Tagvenue you’ll find a tailor-made birthday function rooms Melbourne in just a few clicks. So your having a big party and you are struggling with the idea of having the party at your own house or booking a venue for the occasion. There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to each decision. In this article, I hope to highlight them for you to help you make a measured decision.

The biggest and most daunting disadvantage will be the time and energy required when organising your own party. The host rarely gets to enjoy the night, as there is often much to organise. Even if you hire staff for the night like I did, someone still has to manage them throughout the evening.

For me, it probably took three solid days of onsite organising.

There was the tidying and arranging of the backyard and house to accommodate 70 people, then the hiring of a marquee, tables, chairs, linen, plates, glasses and cutlery as well as safeguarding the backyard against potential accidents. I had to organise a cake, flower arrangements and decorations then theme the house inside and out. I had to secure and coordinate the band and wait staff and then there was the catering which involved endless…preparing, cooking, re heating and presenting. This particular event was a cocktail party so I had to help with preparing complex cocktails for guests on arrival. I could go on but I think you get the picture. It can be a BIG JOB!

The other big disadvantage is the cleaning. No one wants that hassle after days of preparation. If you’re having a party in one of many venues, then you can simply go home and relax, with the rest of your guests at the end of the night.

Having a party at home also means that you risk damage to your own personal possessions. There is the issue of having enough seating and a suitable dance area. You might not have street parking and someone has to be in charge of organising your music before and after the DJ. Most venues supply great mood lighting and sophisticated sound equipment including DJ equipment. In your own home, you’re not likely to own these quality products so creating an atmosphere is an important factor to consider.

Although the party I put on for my mother was a raving success, I’m sure no one had any idea how difficult it actually was – I certainly didn’t and i am an event manager! The expenses for a party such as this can get pretty high as well. When you work out your budget for your party of function, make sure you factor in the expenses of hiring party supplies and staff as sometimes this can actually equal the extra amount of food and drinks that having the party at one of the venues might cost.

Having a party at home will give you the freedom to turn your event into anything you want, within your own limitations. You could have a crazy costume party and guests won’t have to feel self conscious about being out in public. You could have a friend’s band set up in your yard. You could order pizzas or a caterer to cook and serve the food throughout the night. People wouldn’t necessarily have to drink and drive if you offered them accommodations for the evening. The possibilities of your party are a lot more flexible.

At your own home party, people generally mix a little better. Its always more intimate and people are sometimes more comfortable than if they were out at a venue. Home parties will usually make the guest feel more relaxed about who and how many people show up. Some times with many venues you need to pay the venue per head when confirming your guest numbers and if guests don’t show up, you still have to pay. At least with home parties this doesn’t matter. You won’t be out of pocket, no matter who doesn’t show up.

Theming and decorating should also be a consideration. There are a lot of venues that are already themed, which could save you money on decorating but there are also venues that don’t allow you to decorate. With a home party, you won’t have the restrictions of a venue but you can decorate your house in as crazy a manner as you like.

The BYO alcohol option is not possible at a venue but if you have a party at home, you have the option of supplying alcohol a lot more cheaply than if you were in a venue or you could ask guests to bring their own alcohol and supply the food only. Most guests don’t mind the BYO option for home parties as they will still end up paying less than if you invited them to a venue to celebrate your party.

Venues cannot always facilitate your choice of entertainment. There are limited venues, which can accommodate a live band for instance. Venues generally have set catering and beverage menus that might not be exactly what you are after. There are, of course limitations on quality and choice of products and the quality is always determined by price. Food and beverages at a venue will always be more expensive than what you could make at home. There is generally no negotiating on the costs either.

Most venues don’t allow outside caterers or self-catering so this might be another option to have it at home. If you have a friend or relative that’s volunteered to do the catering cheaply and you’re on a small budget then a home party option is probably a good option.

Having an event at a venue can take a lot of the control away from you, which is both, good and bad. At home you will have control over every part of the party, where as at a venue, there are definitive rules to abide by. A good example might be, you envisioned having candelabras or candles in the room. Some venues will not allow open flames inside the venue or, your party might be in full swing at 1am and the venues only licensed until 1am. Make sure you consider all of the aspects of your party when making the comparison of home vs. venue.

The two main tasks that venues will handle on your behalf are Food and Beverages supply & Cleaning:

Let’s face it, catering for an event could take you days to prepare. Do you have the time, the skills or the space? Beverages are slightly easier but again, you’ll need to hire glasses, plates, and tubs and keep the ice topped up all night.

Venues will serve your catering and pace this throughout the evening. They are experienced in the serving of food and alcohol, will present it professionally and be able to inform your guests about the menu. Venues will make sure people graze rather than let plates of food go cold on tables.

The setting up and cleaning aspect of an event is something very few people consider. It’s a drag and it’s the last thing you feel like doing at the end of the evening when you’re tired, drunk or both. I don’t know about you, but I hate going to bed knowing my house is in disarray and would probably end up cleaning until dawn.

The other advantage to having an event with in a venue is that usually venues can cater to a wide range of requests. They have a dance floor and professional audio-visual equipment and more importantly, they have staff who know how to use it. You’re less likely to have dramas with your entertainment as venues are equipped to deal with the technical aspects of music and lighting.

Security is normally not a problem but if you’re having a 21st birthday party or an 18th at home then having security and staff who are trained in the responsible serving of alcohol should be considered. It is now common place to have all hospitality staff properly trained with RSA’s (Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificates) and managers and security will be properly trained to deal with aggressive or intoxicated behaviour from guests. Fights can escalate at home parties because a) there’s different expectations of conduct at home parties and b) because there’s no trained staff to deal with problem guests.

Entertainment is also fairly easy to access through a venue. Venues usually have a number of DJ’s or entertainers that they can hire on your behalf or recommend for your party. They usually deal with a number of entertainers and DJ’s so will more likely recommend a good standard of entertainer that fits to your budget.

Taking all of this into account, Venues can take a lot of stress away from organizing an event. They cannot always guarantee that your guests will have a good time but they can guarantee assistance with just about anything else.

This article is written by Jeremy Huggins for Partyhelp, who has long been regarded as the best free service for finding Melbourne Venues and Melbourne Function Rooms.

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6 Crucial Tips for Choosing the Right Event Place

For your corporate functions Melbourne try to explore scenic Yarra Valley offers more than just world class wineries and superb wine tasting experiences. There’s a reason why occupations that involve holding events are typically recognized to be among one of the most stressful in the work market. It’s due to the fact that hosting an occasion is a logistical balancing act that requires outstanding attention to information as well as the capacity to multi-task like there are ten of you.

While there are a plethora of aspects that enter into an effective event, none are as vital as the place. They’re the string that ties together all the décor, songs, illumination as well as food catering as well as, without them, there could be no event whatsoever.

It’s no surprise that choosing a venue can be a difficult, taxing and stressful procedure. However while every sort of occasion– from wedding celebrations to banquets to birthday celebration and also corporate celebrations– comes with various demands, there are some usual strings that apply generally.

Here’s how to select the best place for your event.
Enter the Mood

Every event begins with conceptualization. Whether it’s a young woman planning her desire wedding celebration, an event organizer ideating on a brand launch event or a charity group planning a gala, it begins with a vision of how it will certainly unfold.

Start by deciding your environment and atmosphere– is it upscale or informal, intimate or special? Event are effective due to the fact that they make us really feel– for a brand, a reason or an individual and the state of mind as well as motif are their launchpad.

Places can be spruced up, but not rebuilt. Bear in mind existing decor, design, and also design. A gala will certainly need a various style than a birthday party. The even more matched the venue is to your occasion style, the less embellishing it will require.
Plan Ahead

Planning occasions on tight timelines is like cutting yourself off at the knees. Popular places operate on preparations of in between 4 to 6 months and also you’ll most likely need every min to strategy.

Brief lead times could imply less preferential times and also dates– so you could obtain your dream outside wedding celebration place on a Thursday in the loss or the ideal company event spot on the Sunday of a long weekend.
Obtain an Understanding on Ability and also Crowd

Capability and also crowd are very important to comprehend. A banquet could need a large area yet selecting a venue that’s as well big can make even a huge occasion really feel thin and also empty.

It’s just as vital to choose a place that will certainly resonate well with your target demographic. If it’s a team of friends getting together for a birthday party, then a more loosened up location might suit your needs. If your guest listing will be comprised of business CEOs, you could opt for a higher-end location.
Area is King

For any kind of event, location trick– it will certainly affect your yield. As soon as you comprehend your crowd, you can select an area that considers their ease.

Will they have to commute in heavy traffic to arrive? Will they be driving, or might they be consuming? Is there car parking readily available, or accessibility to transportation as well as secure trips home?

With the exception of destination weddings or milestone birthdays, couple of occasions will tempt guests to go out of their method to go to.
Assume Outside the Box

As challenging as they are to place on, occasions are common– both individual and specialist– which implies it is very important to make your own remarkable. Whether it’s a business event, a wedding, a reception or a birthday celebration, everybody desires their event to be delighted in and also born in mind.

A few of the best events occur in the most unexpected locations so believe outside package.
Format, Logistics, as well as Services

Although you’ll be discovering your place early in the preparation process, it’s also essential to have an idea of the tasks that will be occurring, the amenities you’ll need and also the perfect design.

If there’s food, does the venue have a kitchen location? Does it provide internal solutions like wedding catering, clean-up, tables, chairs and bed linens and also AV? If not, does it supply recommended vendors to remove multiple touchpoints in your preparation process as well as make certain proper implementation?

When looking for a place, work with its event coordinator to assess layout as well as conduct walkthroughs, noting information like the area of electrical outlets and where any type of AV devices is– or can be– situated. Consider your occasion’s degree or activity as well as web traffic circulation and whether you’ll require areas for check-in, green rooms or storage space.

Choosing a location can be tough but is a vital element in the success of an event. To assist make the procedure easier, intelligence Workplaces supplies trendy, contemporary event venues to fit wedding events, birthday celebrations, receptions and also business gatherings– from 20 visitors up to 250.

Our occasion areas are outfitted with every little thing from bars and kitchens to Televisions, border stereos and AV capabilities as well as our internal occasions group will certainly support you via every phase of the procedure– from preliminary walkthrough to liked vendors to successful execution.

If you have actually obtained an event turning up, we would certainly like to learn through you!

You Should Pack Snacks Ahead Of Time If You Want To Save Money While Traveling

If you are just beginning to travel, some tips on where to begin would be helpful. The tips in this article will assist you plan trips more effectively and make better choices when it comes to planning your trip. With the fantastic deals on offer in ski Canada resorts it’s always best to book early if you’re thinking of enjoying the amazing Canadian snow this season.

When your travels bring you to a local airport, check their websites to discover every airline that offers service there.

Try getting in some physical activity before you board the plane.This can reduce the tediousness of long flights. Your muscles can start to cramp from maintaining the same position for such a long time period.

Keep track of your most important information and items close to you at all times. Do not use bags with easy access to people near you that could easily take your stuff. These are but a few tips to consider when selecting the bag you wish to take on your travels.

Always remember to tip any bell station and bellboys.

These sheets will be for the kids to play cards or color in coloring books.

Make sure your passports are valid. Different countries have different rules regarding passports.Many will not allow you entry into the country if your passport expires in a certain window of time.

Use services on your trip. There are now many hotels that use linen reuse programs, have energy efficient lighting, place recycling bins for guest use, and have low flow plumbing. Tour companies, care rental agencies, auto rental companies and other service providers are looking for innovative ways to let travelers go green.

You should buy a National Parks Pass if you go to these type of parks often. They only $50 and can be used for one year at all of the parks.

Jet lag is a real drag. You can’t really do anything about it, but you can try sleeping more in the days prior to your flight to help lessen any of the expected effects. You should also try sleeping during the flight if possible.

Your vacation can go horribly wrong if you do not carefully planned. Read the reviews from experienced travelers. Their experience could help you avoid bad places.

Bring an extra passport photo with you. It takes quite awhile to replace a while to get your passport replaced when it has been stolen or lost. You can speed up the process by carryin a spare photo. You should also have copies of any needed documentation to help you get going again.

Sometimes walls seem tissue paper thin. A great set of earplugs can help block out excess noise and give you relax at night.

Always pack bottled water when you are traveling to a different country. The water of foreign countries is often not be safe to drink as it can cause different sicknesses. Use bottled water when you brush your teeth with. You can also become ill from using the tap water.

Be sure to give your travel itinerary.Include all the places and people you will visit, phone numbers and other information.

Make sure you create copies of all important documents when you travel.Keep these copies of passports, passport, and any other important documents in a safe place.

Don’t be so tight with your time on a road trip, especially if another person needs a bathroom break. Your trip won’t be ruined if you allow 10 minutes stops occasionally. This can also help your fellow travelers from becoming irritable and cut down on whining.

A useful tip for travelers is to always allow yourself enough time to check out of your hotel. Many hotels charge substantial fees if you haven’t checked out of the room on time. Always allow yourself plenty of time to check out.

This is done in the case one person’s luggage is lost. If something gets lost, they will at least have some of their belongings. Another way to guard against disaster is to have everyone bring one change of clothes on you with your carry-on bag.

If you decide on bringing along a pet on your trip, look for pet-friendly hotels and airlines.

These will allow you to connect your computer through the television provided in your hotel room.

Take turns driving when you are traveling for extended periods of time. If you drive too much, you increase the chances of getting into an accident. Do not wait until you are too tired to do so safely. Switch drivers every couple of hours. This stops any one driver from getting exhausted.

Frequently, but not always, though occasionally it is not an option. After you have booked your flight, always watch the booking site to see if this option becomes available. You will be a significant difference over just accepted whatever was left over.

These suggestions should have helped you find the information you need to plan your next trip in a way that will allow you to have the most fun you possibly can! We worked hard to find the best tips possible to help you learn some things you won’t find anywhere else.

Tips for a Successful Catering Event

Your night meals is great if someone prepared you a dress up baked spuds with sautéed onions and bell peppers, pulled smoked pork, coleslaw, corn chips, and plenty of cheese. The first step to getting hired as a caterer happens when a client calls, emails you or inquires through your website. Once you’ve been contacted, it’s important that you respond promptly. Be prepared to answer all their questions, make suggestions and generally handle yourself in a pleasant and professional manner. Be prepared: The first phone call will rarely result in a sale for a number of reasons. First, the customer may be shopping several caterers. Second, you probably won’t decide during that conversation exactly what’s going to be served, so you won’t be able to give a specific quote. Third, you’ll want to inspect the site of the event before putting together your final proposal.

Many clients will pressure you for an exact price quote during the first phone call. Resist the temptation to do this. Even if the client knows exactly what they want served, you won’t know how much the cost of food and labor is going to be until you’ve had a chance to do your own calculations. If you make up a quote on the spot, it may either be too high, in which case you’ll lose the job, or too low, in which case you’ll lose money — or you’ll have to raise your quote later, which isn’t good for customer relations. Instead, try to satisfy the client with a general price range and promise a full written proposal later.

Many clients will be reluctant to tell you their budget for an event, but try to get a fairly good idea of how much money they have to spend or at least how many people they’ll have in attendance and for what type of occasion. You should be able to adjust your menus to suit their budget, but you’ll have to know what that budget is first. There are many cost-cutting methods you can use if the client seems uncomfortable with your more expensive-sounding suggestions. For example, you can substitute lower-cost ingredients with a similar flavor or use dishes that are easy to prepare rather than more labor-intensive ones.

After the first telephone conversation, your next meeting will likely be in person, preferably at the site where the event will be held. Bring your menus so the customer can review them and determine exactly what to serve. Get a firm number of guests and put it in writing; let the customer know that you’ll be planning your quote based on that number and that any changes will affect the final price. Determine the style of the event (sit-down, buffet, cocktail) and any particular equipment or service needs the client will have. While the client may not immediately know exactly how many people will attend, you should give them a definite date by which you will need a final head count for which they’ll be charged.

Take a tour of the site to see what equipment is available for your use and what you’ll need to bring. Decide where the buffet will be, if there is one, and where the bar setup will go. Discuss staffing needs, and be specific about who will provide what to prevent misunderstandings later. This information should also be included in your price proposal.

Take a day or two to calculate the final price, and be sure it includes everything, then call the customer with your quote. If it’s acceptable, send out a detailed contract that itemizes the prices, outlines mutual responsibilities and requires a deposit (typically 50 percent of the total amount) on signing.

Once you’ve received the signed contract and deposit, you’re ready to start arranging for staff and purchasing food. A few days before the event, call the customer to confirm the number of guests and other details. If the customer wants to make changes to the contract, be as accommodating as possible, but don’t let it cause you to lose money.

Make a packing list

Once the food for an event is prepared and ready to go, you’ll need to pack it along with the serving dishes, utensils, linens and other necessary equipment. To be sure you don’t forget or lose anything, prepare a packing list.

A day or so before the event, sit down with your menu. List the equipment you’ll need to finish preparing each dish on site and serve it. When you’re finished, double-check your figures, taking care to properly count multiple units of items, such as when different dishes require the same serving equipment. Don’t forget miscellaneous supplies, such as cocktail napkins, toothpicks, salt and pepper shakers and so on. If you’re taking care of rental furniture or flowers, make sure these are either going to be delivered to the event site or to your kitchen or will be available for you to pick up.

With your completed packing list, you can start assembling the food and supplies. Pack the items you’ll need first on top so you don’t have to dig through several boxes to find them. Place items close together so nothing has room to shift and break. Use common sense: Don’t put sacks of crushed ice on top of the bread. Make sure all containers of food are covered tightly so they won’t spill if you have to turn or stop your vehicle suddenly.

The packing list will also serve as a checklist to help you collect all your items when the party is over. Leaving items behind can quickly eat up your profits. Caterer Maxine Turner puts waterproof labels on trays and other items that identify each piece of equipment for inventory-control purposes. “If something’s missing, we go back through the inventory sheets to see what party it was used on last and contact the person who ordered the catering,” she says. “It’s amazing what we have found. One lady had coffeepots, trays, and serving pieces from a year before. It was a drop off, and we forgot to go back and pick it up. She put it in a cupboard and forgot about it.”

At the party

Once you’ve arrived at the event site, unpack everything and organize your service area. You’ll want to arrive an average of 60 to 90 minutes in advance to make sure the food will be ready and available at precisely the right time.

Start reheating or cooking anything that needs to be served hot. Make sure every tray that leaves the kitchen has been attractively garnished and arranged.

As the party gets under way, keep an eye on what food is being consumed, and have more trays ready to go out as the empty ones are returned. If you’re serving from a buffet table, continually replenish the trays so they don’t look like they have been picked over. Throughout the event, your serving staff should be collecting dirty dishes, returning empty glasses to the bar and taking care of other things so the party site doesn’t look cluttered and untidy.

One of the keys to doing good job serving is to be present without being present. Your staff should be as inconspicuous as possible. This means ducking out of photos, not clanking dishes while someone is giving a speech or engaging attendees in long conversations.

As your servers return the dirty dishes to you, rinse and pack them for later washing. After the event is over, clean any of the client’s dishes or utensils that have been used. Get out your packing list to make sure you retrieve all your own glassware, tableware, cookware and other equipment. Also, take care that you don’t accidentally take any of the client’s property. Check off each item on your packing list as you load it into your vehicle.

Leftover food should be wrapped and left with the client. Floors and counters should be clean, but you shouldn’t be expected to function as a maid service. Just leave the facility as you found it. You’re only responsible for your own messes.

Some caterers demand payment of the balance due immediately after the event; others will send the client a bill the day after the party. Whichever you choose, be sure the client knows in advance what to expect, and make it clear that the bill doesn’t include gratuities for the serving staff. If the client decides to tip, the money should be divided among the staff after the party.

While you should always be on the alert for ways to promote your business, you should never promote yourself at an event you’re catering. “I never market myself at events,” Turner agrees. “We’re there as a support to whatever event we’re doing, and that’s not the proper time for us to advertise.” Her company name is on the aprons the staff wears but not on anything else. And while she’ll provide a business card if asked, she doesn’t put her cards on display.

A truly professional caterer, she believes, is virtually invisible at the event, where the focus should be on the occasion itself. “We don’t intrude. We’re not guests; we’re there to provide a service. Also, I don’t allow [my staff] to talk to each other when they’re in front of the client, other than to take care of business. Even if they have friends who are attending the event, I discourage them from stopping to talk. They’re there for a purpose, and that purpose is to serve the client.”

Safety Tips in the Catering Business

Outdoor Events strives to set a new standard of excellence for the promotional product marketplace. After making countless holiday meals for family gatherings and cupcakes for the office, you finally decided to start your own catering business. While it is extremely rewarding to run your own business, it is also just as challenging. Unless you specialize in a particular cuisine or service, catering can feel as if you are setting up and tearing down a new restaurant every single day. With an array of clients who want different types of foods and services, running a catering business can be extremely demanding and hectic.

Among all of the chaos, it is easy to forget the little things such as having a hand washing station or keeping the hot food above 140 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. In the catering business, it is the little things that matter. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

Health and Safety
Since you’re handling food and catering to a large amount of consumers, safety and cleanliness is significantly regulated. Your local health department will visit frequently, inspecting not only food, cooked and uncooked, but also the refrigeration systems, waste disposal, fryers and everything else in between.

What to Expect
First things first, figure out what your clients have in mind and what services you can actually deliver. Then follow the safety regulations. Food is made before the event at the caterer’s establishment or is made at an onsite kitchen.

Preparing the Food
If you are preparing food at the client’s home, clear the confusion by lining out specificities such as who will purchase the raw food? Where will the food be purchased? Where will food be stored? If you are preparing food at your own establishment, make sure that your kitchen is not only clean enough for inspectors, but for prospective clients, as well. There should be areas for handling raw products and a separate area for food that is ready to eat.

Transporting the Food
If you are preparing food at your own location, you need to transport the food in an insulated food carrier. It is crucial for food carriers to keep track of the temperatures the food is transported and stored at.

Hot and Cold Food
Hot food needs to stay hot and cold food needs to be kept cold. That means, that the hot food should be at 140 degrees Fahrenheit at all times and cold food must be kept below 40 degrees. No exceptions. This is for the safety of your customers.

Reheating Food
If you are reheating the food, the FDA Food Code specifies that the food must first reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds. Food must also be kept at its appropriate temperatures for two hours. Anything after the two hour limit must be throw away.

Ice and Beverages
Also, keep in mind to separate the ice that is used to keep foods cold and ice that is put in beverages. Ice that is used for cooling food usually comes into contact with bacteria and other contaminants.

Outdoor Events
Catering outdoors comes with an array of challenges. Often times there are no onsite kitchens and a clear lack of a closed space. Keep bugs, vermin, wind and bacteria away by covering all of the displayed food. Also, throw away all of the waste in a closed container. If it is possible, set up tables underneath tents.

Hand and Dish Washing
Catering is a mobile profession. This means that you’re not always going to know if your venue will have a sink and a dishwasher. If you are catering at an outdoor area, make sure that you can bring a portable hand sink or set up some kind of hand washing where your employees can wash their hands. Also, double check with your client that their venue will have dish washing equipment available so that you can easily clean surfaces and utensils at all times during the event.

Easy To Use Information To Plan Your Dream Trip

Check out our ski Canada guide with the best destinations and tips to help you plan your ultimate ski holiday. If you are a novice traveler, then there are some guidelines you may want to follow.Below are a few strategies that will hopefully assist you with making better decisions and in planning trips properly.

Keep written notes of all important documents when you travel abroad.You could possibly need this information while you have any trouble. They will be able to help with any problems that arise.

Pack up all your bags the night before you travel. Make the necessary preparations you need well before your flight. Missing a flight is a horrible experience that you never want to experience.

If you have to have a vaccination in order to get into a particular country, make sure you have the certificate verifying you have been vaccinated. If you don’t have this certificate, those who handle travelers will simply not be allowed to let you pass a certain point and at this stage you will be held for what could be days until they know for sure you are not a threat to spread an illness.

There are a ton of travel ideas out there that welcome pets and vacation sites now. Some offer pet spas and day care service. You can being your pet along as long as you just need to be certain they are allowed.

Taking a trip no matter how far from home may cause you desire to bring a little piece of home along with you. Limit yourself to essential for your comfort.List toiletries you use every day and really cannot be without. Pack only those that are the essentials.

Join travel forums and social websites that are travel-centric. A great way to prepare for a trip is to socialize on these forums and ask questions and read stories from other travelers. This lets you make friends and share similar experiences.

Sleeping pills can help you through those long flight. A lot of people find it hard to sleep on planes, because the seats aren’t beds, uncomfortable seats and aircraft noise. Try a sleeping pill might help get you some rest on a long flight go by more quickly. Don’t take these prior to takeoff, as a delay or problem may require that the plane returns.

You can use them as a table on which to draw or play cards with your children.

When traveling internationally, it is a good idea to prepare for unexpected events, including the possibility of losing your passport. The United States Department of State has a website and embassies in most places. You can find this at the US Embassy website for a lost passport or some other emergency. Take this documentation on your vacation. You can have a replacement in a couple of days.

While some car rental companies ask that drivers be at least 18, some companies have an age minimum of 25. You may pay more and have to use a credit card with you. Senior citizens aren’t allowed to rent vehicles in some cities.Find out about age restrictions when reserving a rental car.

Pack a few small candles for your trip. This can help the scent of your room more appealing. The smells can be relaxing, and it may help you sleep better.

When traveling via cruise ship, try to talk with the other passengers at the formal dinners. Many ships will seat you at a large table with people you are unfamiliar with. Have a positive attitude and speak with different people. You are traveling with these individuals, and you might pick up some useful information.

Your dream vacation can turn into a nightmare if not take the time to do some research before planning. Look at online for reviews from those who’ve already traveled to your destination.Their experiences can assist in a dangerous town or parts of town.

There can be lots of temptation while traveling, especially for business. Instead of eating at a buffet, try partaking of everything the hotel’s gym offers instead. This will make you in shape and invigorated during your vacation.

Whenever you plan to hike, but most importantly when you go hiking, make absolutely certain that you carry area maps with you.

You can frequently save cash when you book flights with one another. Too little time and you may miss your flight.You might find yourself stranded at the airport awhile if there is a long flight delay.

When your dogs are traveling with you, give them a quick brushing before getting in the car. This will help reduce the dander that flies around.

Research local laws and customs of the place your trip. You may have to face consequences for doing things that are viewed as offensive or illegal, even if you do not consider it to be problematic. Always be respectful and conduct yourself properly when you are visiting.

Plan your trip and book hotels in ahead of time. Some hotels offer packages that include activities and meals dependent on your particular destination. Decide if this is something you prefer to choose. Also think about the room type you are interested in reserving. For instance, if you have trouble sleeping, do not book rooms near elevators. Ask questions beforehand so you can make the best arrangements.

The tips you just read most likely helped you figure out the best way to effectively plan for an upcoming trip. These strategies were compiled to give new travelers the basics, as well as other great techniques that are easy to do when going on a trip.